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Mailcow (

Public services Email hosting

What the f*** is Mailcow!? Mailcow is a software stack for running an email server, which is currently running on a dedicated server here in Norway (through a provider) that I manage. Compared to my other servers, my Mailcow instance has the "cleanest" IP ad...

Helper script for

#JustSysadminThings Scripts / Configs

Helper script for is a client for generating Let's Encrypt certificates.Certbot is a great alternative, but I've just stuck to what I know (hence why this exists). This wiki page will just be backup for a GitHub Gist I've made: https://gist.git...

Script for installing/prepping nginx

#JustSysadminThings Scripts / Configs

Prepping nginx I use nginx for all my "in-house" applications, but also for other things. This script is targeted towards Debian-based systems, as I usually rely on Ubuntu/Debian for server stuff. This is a mirror of a GitHub Gist:

Garry's Mod - INFRA Content

#JustSysadminThings Gameservers

Mounting INFRA content on a Garry's Mod server Log in using SteamCMD with your credentials (you need to own INFRA on your account) Start steamcmd via command line. Type: login YOUR_USERNAME_HERE Type in password and 2FA code. Set install directory u...

Plex - Getting Started

Public services Plex - Cactflix

How to access This assumes you've created a account, been invited to my personal Plex server and accepted the invite to it. Make sure to log in to with the same email/account as the one you received the invite on. Once logged in, you should...

Hetzner - Using iGPU for Hardware Acceleration

#JustSysadminThings Scripts / Configs

Preface A basic guide for enabling the internal GPU (iGPU) on Intel CPUs for Hetzner servers. Only tested on the machines with i7 CPUs. This is loosely based off a reddit comment, with some changes to work with Ubuntu 18.04. EDIT - December 21st, 2021: I've al...

MXRoute - Blizzard

Public services Email hosting

Webmail Webmail on blizzard is available at: Email clients The incoming and outgoing mail servers support all the default encryption settings and network ports, so if you know those you're good to go. The hostname for ...

Plex - Requesting Media

Public services Plex - Cactflix

All requests are done via an application called "Overseerr", which you can find specifically by visiting this URL: You'll have to log in using your Plex account. Once media has been requested, I'll receive a notification and process it...

Docker: VPN with Port Forwarding (WireGuard) & qBitTorrent

#JustSysadminThings Scripts / Configs

Sample Docker Compose configuration for running qBitTorrent as a container routed through another Mullvad container. Note: In theory this should work with other VPN providers, but I have only tested it with Mullvad specifically. Port forwarding will only work ...

HostHatch: Private Networking and Broken IPv6

#JustSysadminThings Scripts / Configs

Thanks to brueggus on LowEndTalk for pointing this out and giving the solution. If you have private networking enabled on a HostHatch VPS and your IPv6 connectivity is broken, it might be because of the lack of isolation between customers. The result is that s...

Supermicro IPMI & Samba/Windows share

#JustSysadminThings Scripts / Configs

Special thanks to Peter Kieser, whose blog post I found after a bit of searching: For most modern installations of Samba (according to the blog post, Samba 4.11+ on U...

MinIO Server - Docker Compose & NGINX reverse proxy

#JustSysadminThings Scripts / Configs

My basic example for a MinIO server Docker Compose version: '3' services: minio: image: minio/minio:latest volumes: - /data/my-fancy-local-storage:/data ports: # I use an NGINX reverse proxy, so these ports are...

Software RAID (mdadm) - Running RAID 0 alongside RAID 1

#JustSysadminThings Scripts / Configs

Draft - Incomplete, but kept mostly for my own sake so I can find my way back to it at a later date. Specific scenario: Hetzner installimage with RAID1 or RAID10 RAID10 with less storage for the OS and "important" stuff. Make sure to comment out the all option...

Plex - Monogatari series

Public services Plex - Cactflix

Watch order based on: Archive mirror: "Season" / Arc Media entry in Plex Note Bakemonogatari Season 1 Kizumonogatari Specials: S00E02 + S00E19 + S00E20 / AnimeMovies part 1 + 2 + 3 Extended notes: 2 Nisemo...