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Plex - Getting Started

How to access

This assumes you've created a account, been invited to my personal Plex server and accepted the invite to it.

Make sure to log in to with the same email/account as the one you received the invite on.
Once logged in, you should automatically have access to my Plex servers. The primary server should be called Cactflix [Main].


My Plex server isn't free for me to host. I also spend time making sure it's running optimally and that media is kept up-to-date. I appreciate any help covering said costs. This is completely optional, but very much appreciated :)

  • PayPal
  • Revolut: @decicus
  • Liberapay - For recurring payments
  • Twitch - In case you wanna use your Twitch Prime subscription :)
  • Vipps (Norwegian payment app): 47634677


  • Bitcoin: 1PPYK5bJ9TZVfxYBmAPF4Xcb6rHF2sEzzK
  • Dogecoin: DECicUS4MANNEnWNdjLvxfa3who5DmohG5
  • Ethereum: 0xE66Ff6B10FC7a77a8e7c4dfEd5Ad122c47D6a777


When using my Plex server I will be able to see the following information about you:

  • What media you're streaming from my server, including full playback history.
  • The web browser or device you are using.
  • Your IP address.
  • Timestamp of where you are in media (movies / TV shows) you're watching.

Only time I check this information is when I'm going through shows and movies to delete, so that I don't accidentally delete something someone is in the middle of watching.

Location & Performance

The Plex server is located in Germany. Depending on your own location, the server may not perform optimal due to how the internet works.
I also expect you have a decent enough internet connection to handle the streaming. You can turn down the quality if you have issues with buffering.

The server runs on an i7-8700 using the integrated graphics for transcoding (Intel QuickSync).
While the server is usually able to transcode anything up to 1080p with relative ease, it might struggle with 4K / 2160p content. This is especially true if your connection to the server isn't the greatest.
This is also the reason there's not much 4K content on my Plex server.

Whenever possible, I highly recommend using one of the official Plex client apps as it supports "direct streaming" (which helps with performance, speed and quality).


Mobile streaming & sync with Plex (at least on Android / iOS) has an additional cost to the company behind the Plex software.

Quote from Plex:
Until the mobile app is unlocked (through an in-app purchase or a Plex Pass subscription), video and music streamed from a Plex Media Server has a 1 minute limit, and photos will be watermarked.

The in-app purchase is one-time cost of 5 USD, which you have to pay through the Android / iOS app.
Plex has guides on how to do this for both Android and iOS:

Alternatively, you pay 5 USD per month for Plex Pass, but that's unnecessary if you only need access on mobile.

If you only plan to watch Plex via the browser, desktop app or a TV, then there should be no additional cost.

If you want to read more about this particular topic, I suggest you read this support article: Plex Support | Plex: Free vs. Paid

Suggestions / Requests

If you want to request something (TV show / movie), then see: Plex - Requesting Media

For any other questions / inquiries:

No guarantees that I can get what you want, but I'll try (as long as it's a reasonable request). :)

Tips when getting started with Plex

For all of these tips, make sure you have already logged in on

Disabling junk

I recommend disabling all the extra "Online media sources", since I just find them cluttering the Plex interface:!/settings/online-media-sources

Default quality

For every device you log into (your phone, different web browsers, the official Plex client etc.) you should set the default quality to "Maximum" as long as your connection to the Plex server is good enough.

For some reason Plex has decided that the default quality is 720p @ 2 mbps (in other words, not as good as it can be) and that this setting doesn't sync between devices.

Web browser / Desktop app

This setting is available on this page:!/settings/web/quality

4 - VEvGwrP.jpg

Amazon Fire / Android TV, Consoles, Roku

Smart TVs, consoles, Roku etc.

Apple TV / tvOS

Apple TV / tvOS

Android & iOS (iPhone / iPad)

Android & iOS