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Plex - Monogatari series

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"Season" / Arc Media entry in Plex Note
Bakemonogatari Season 1
Kizumonogatari Specials: S00E02 + S00E19 + S00E20 / AnimeMovies part 1 + 2 + 3 These "specials" episodes are the same as the ones listed under "Anime Movies". They're the same files, so it doesn't matter which you watch.2
Nisemonogatari Season 2
Nekomonogatari (Kuro/Black) Specials: S00E03 -> S00E06
Nekomonogatari (Shiro/White) Season 3: S03E01 -> S03E05 (Tsubasa Tiger)
Kabukimonogatari Season 3: S03E06 -> S03E09 (Mayoi Jiangshi)
Otorimonogatari Season 3: S03E10 -> S03E13 (Nadeko Medusa)
Onimonogatari Season 3: S03E14 -> S03E17 (Shinobu Time)
Koimonogatari Season 3: S03E18 -> S03E23 (Hitagi End)
Hanamonogatari Specials: S00E10 -> S00E14 (Suruga Devil)
Tsukimonogatari Specials: S00E15 -> S00E18 (Yotsugi Doll)
Owarimonogatari S01 Season 4Ougi Formula: S04E01 & S00E39 + S00E40 1
Koyomimonogatari Specials: S00E21 -> S00E32 (Koyomi Stone/Flower/Sand/Water etc. - "non-reverse")
Owarimonogatari S02 Season 5
Zoku Owarimonogatari Specials: S00E33 -> S00E38 (Koyomi Reverse)

Excluded - Specials: S00E07 -> S00E09
In TheTVDB/Sonarr, they're named as Summary I + II + II. So they're just recap episodes.

Extended notes

1. Owarimonogatari S01: S04E01 & S00E39 + S00E40

  • In Sonarr/TheTVDB they're tracked as "Parts 1 & 2", but in the files they're two separate files. Based on filenaming, Plex should understand that they're combined into one episode of a total of 51 minutes (part 1 => 27 min, part 2 => 24).
  • These have also been added as separate specials: S00E39 + S00E40

2. Kizumonogatari

  • These "specials" episodes (S00E02, S00E19, S00E20) are the same as the ones listed under "Anime Movies" as Kizumonogatari. They're the same files, so it doesn't matter which you watch.